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Chris, my friend. You’ve won a Golden Globe. Nominated for a People’s Choice Award, like every freaking year. You’ve written 2 best selling books and you were included in the 2011 Time Magazines Most Influential People. True or not?

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CrissColfer double high five[video]

CrissColfer double high five

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— I was holding his leg under the table the whole time, Dianna [Agron] and I both were, and we said ‘When you win, we’re going to kiss you on the cheek,’ and he said, ‘You better go over to Modern Family’s table to kiss Eric Stonestreet.’ He honestly had no expectations, so when he won, he was just sitting there, and I literally had to pick him up like, ‘Baby, you got to go!’ 

- Ashley Fink on Chris’ winning moment

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It wasn’t the characters. It was the actors.

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